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Round Dance Teachers’ Association
of Southern California

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Note:  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no new ROMs were chosen between March 2020 and June 2021. In-person meetings resumed July 2021.


Phase II
American Kids II
(Collins - Ph II TS)

Phase III
[None Selected]

Phase III + {Tie}
Stupid Cupid Jive
(Byrd - Ph III+2 JV)
When You’re Gone Tomorrow
(Schmidt - Ph III+2 RB)

Phase IV
Chanel 4
(Preskitt - Ph IV WZ)

Phase IV + {Tie}
Summertime IV
(Vogt - Ph IV+1 FT)
Dancin’ Like Lovers
(Kincaid - Ph IV+2 WZ)

Advanced Phase V/VI
No Walls, No Ceilings,
No Floors
(Schmidt - Ph VI WZ)


Phase II
The Fair Is Moving On II
(Woolcock - Ph II+2 WZ)

Phase III
World On A String
(McKenrick - Ph III JV)

Phase III +
(Robinson - Ph III+1+1 Cha)

Phase IV
Once Upon A Dream
(Woodruff - Ph IV FT)

Phase IV +
(Parker - Ph IV+0+1 STS)

The Carousel Waltz
(Hicks - Ph VI WZ)


Phase II
Take Me Home
(Beaulieu - Ph II+1 WZ)

Old Fashioned Girl Like You
(Beaulieu - Ph II+2 TS)

Phase III
You’ll Be Mine
(Byars - Ph III RB)

Phase III +
Better Place III
(Yoshikawa - Ph III+ RB)

Phase IV
Just One Dance
(Woodruff - Ph IV RB)

Phase IV +
A Prayer
(Herr - Ph IV+1 WZ)

All The Ways
(Worlock - Ph VI WCS)

Effective December, we choose a Waltz  AND  a Two-Step in Phase II when possible.